Founded in 1987, TOPSCCC is a global leading automation platform services provider of computing platforms and customization services, web-based technology to empower innovations in the connected Automation's/ Embedded platform's/ Applied Computing's world.

TOPSCCC cooperates closely with solution partners to provide complete solutions for a wide range of applications in industrial field.
TOPSCCC offers many different products and solutions with best team for support, sales, marketing network to fast services to our every customers.
TOPSCCC's market & product cover product Automation, Machine Automation, Building Automation, Environmental Monitoring, Facility Management System, Intelligent Transportation, Power & Energy and product offerings: Industrial I/O & Controllers, Industrial Communication, Industrial panel and HMI Computers, Automation software.

TOPSCCC focuses Channel partners and Solution partners and Technology/Product partners to provide complete, reliable, fast-to market solutions for a wide variety of industries world. (Certified service and products with)


Products Range:


1. RS232 to RS485 Converter: EX9520/A/R/AR
2. Data Acquisition Remote I/O Module: EX9000 series
3. Ethernet I/O : EX9000-MTCP series
4. Industrial Embedded Board: EX9188AD/BD/CD series
5. Internet/Ethernet Communication Controller: EX9188END series
6. Industry PC: Box PC; Panel PC; HMI; Industry Monitor EXPERTDAQ W/AIO&DIO ready
7. Linux Embedded System
    Wifi-Modbus : EX9486C-W/EX9486C-W-MTCP series
    ARM Cortex A9 series : EX9686 Series (OS : Android/Ubuntu)
8. Simple Gate Way : EX9132/EX9132C/EX9486 series
9. ZigBee/GSM.GPRS/Switch/POE Series
10. 2.4GHz Radio Modem Module: EX9550
11. Fiber Optic to RS232/422/485 Converter: EX9541/9542
12. Fiber Optic to Ethernet Converter: EX9543 series
13. Switching power supply
14. OEM / ODM
15. Industrial Chassis: EX9110, EX9212, etc
16. Backplane: BP-96S, IPX-914S3, etc
17. PC104: EX9893, EX9842, etc
18. Embedded Board: EX9670/9671, EX9680/9681, EX9588, EX9529, etc.
19. Single Board Controller: EX9666, EX9696, EX9697, EX3782, EX3784, etc.
20. Traffic; Medical; Military PC coming soon.




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