OEM Solutions
It's  Easy to Profitably Expand Your Product Line!
TOPSCCC caters to OEMs with flexible products and services to meet your exact requirements.  OEMs private label our EX9188XD-M and EX9188END-MTCPIP Embedded controllers and Modbus/RTUs, EX9000 A I/O ; D I/O modules, EX9188END Ethernet/Internet and EX952N Intelligent Embedded Controllers, and Industrial GSM/GPRS Modem / Wireless LAN / Fiber  to make our advanced technology part of their own product offerings.
TOPSCCC helps OEMs bring their new product to market economically, and in record time, by offering special OEM product options and flexible support services.  
"For almost 20 years TOPSCCC has continued to deliver reliable industrial products and long term service we need to maintain our OEM product line."
Lin wen long Vice President of  R & D
We can help make your job easier and add more profit to your bottom line. Almost twenty years as a Total Quality OEM supplier has taught us how to be responsive and get the job done for you.



We can simply add your label to an existing Topsccc product, or customize a product to meet your needs!
"Productizing" Your
uP/uC -based Applications

System Integrators
Create Their Own
uP/uC -based Products



Popular OEM Solutions:
 DOS for OEMs
 DOS Embedded Products
 DOS Modbus/RTU Embedded
 DOS Intelligent Embedded
 AI/O;D I/O Rs485 Interface
 Ethernet/Internet to Rs232/485  Embedded 
 Industrial GSM/GPRS Modem/Wireless LAN/Fiber
 Custom RTUs
 Packaged Systems


TOPSCCC can help you with:
 Private label products
 Custom OEM designs
 Generic specs and documentation
 Customized Windows software
 Compliance certifications
 ISO 9001 documentation
 Stable source of supply
 Drop-ship delivery
 Permissive OEM Licensing


ISO 14001

For OEM/ODM Business requirement that we would like to release our manufacture facility and
ISO 14001 Management System Certificate to our distributors for ref.




  ---SMT Equipment



  ---DIP Equipment