EX9000/EX9000-Modbus Series
EX9015-MTCP                                                            Modbus TCPIP to 7-channel RTD Input Module

Special Features:


Support Ethernet 10/100 Based-T communication
Support protocol Modbus/TCP,TCP/IP,UDP,ICMP,ARP
Support individual channel type setting for PT100, PT1000, Balco 500&Ni
Support isolated input channel
Support 16-bit resolution
Support Accuracy:0.05% or better
EX9000-MTCP series Utility/Software/Command/Web Server Support:
Utility of EX9000-MTCP
TCPDAQ(Ethernet I/O) ActiveX Control
TCPDAQ(Ethernet I/O)Data Structure
ASCII Command
MODBUS Command
Web Server


Communication 10/100 Based-T Ethernet
Protocol Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP
Led indication Led for power and Ethernet link status
Isolation voltage 3000VDC
Analog Input:
Input channels 7 differential
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Resolution 16-bit
Input type: individual channel type setting PT100, PT1000, Balco 500&Ni
Input range PT100 -50C ~ 150C ,0C ~ 100C ,0C ~ 200C ,0C ~ 400C ,-200C ~ 200C ,
PT1000 -40C ~ 160C
Balco 500 -30C ~ 120C
Ni 604 -80C ~ 100C or 0C ~ 100C
Ni 1000 -60C ~ 160C
Sampling rate 12 samples/sec (16-bit)
Accuracy 0.05% or better
Zero drift 3μV/C
Span drift 25 ppm/C
CMRR 150dB min. @50/60Hz
Over voltage protection +/- 35V
Power requirement:
Consumption 2.2W
Power input 10~30VDC (unregulated)






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