EX9000/EX9000-Modbus Series
EX9053-MTCP                                                                          Modbus TCPIP to 12DI(Isolated) & 4DO(NPN)

Special Features:


Support Modbus/TCP,TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, ARP
Ethernet 10/100 Based-T Communication
Support 4 Isolated digital output channels(NPN).
Provide Pulsed/delay Output Mode
Support 12 Isolated digital Input Channels
Provide Counter/Frequency Inputs Mode
Support Dry/ Wet Contact Inputs
Fully Photo-Isolation 3750Vrms
Status LED indicator
EX9000-MTCP series Utility/Software/Command/Web Server Support:
Utility of EX9000-MTCP
TCPDAQ(Ethernet I/O) ActiveX Control
TCPDAQ(Ethernet I/O)Data Structure
ASCII Command
MODBUS Command
Web Server




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       9000-MTCP Utility


     Pin Assignment
Block Diagram
Communication 10/100 Based-T Ethernet
Protocol Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP
Led indication Led for power and Ethernet link status
Isolation voltage 3750Vrms
Digital Input:
Input channels 12
Input type single ended with common source/ ground
Dry contact :
logic level 1 (inactive) : open
logic level 0 (active): Close to GND
Wet contact :
logic level 0 (inactive) : +2VDC max
logic level 1 (active): +10V to 50VDC max
Logic level status can be inversed via ASCII/Modbus command
Counter Input 500Hz counter input (32-bit+1-bit overflow)
Digital Output:
Output channels 4
Output type isolated open collector (NPN) w/pin of EXT.PWR
Open Collector to +5~30V / 500 mA max load
Logic level status can be inversed via ASCII/Modbus command
Pulse output Each channel supports 500Hz pulse output
Power requirement:
Consumption 1.8W
Power input 10~30VDC (unregulated)
Humidity 5~95% RH, non-condensing