EX9000/EX9000-Modbus Series
EX9063BD                                                                  3 Output channels, 8 Input channels, DC-SSR, 3 to 30VDC

Key Specifications/Special Features:


Digital O/P Channel: 3

Relay type:   9063D  5A@250VAC/30VDC

9063AD AC-SSR Normal Open

9063BD DC-SSR Normal Open

Digital I/P Channel: 8

Isolation: Isolation with common Sources

Isolation Voltage: 3750Vrms

Digital Level 0: 1V Max

Digital Level 1: 4V to 30V

Input Impedance: 3K Ohms

Dual Watchdog Timer

Power Input: +10V to 30VDC

Power Consumption: 1.5W

Operating Temp: -25~75



Serial Products:


Relay Output Modules
  EX9063AD EX9065AD EX9063BD EX9065BD
Output Cha nnel 3 5 3 5
SSR Type AC-SSR, Normal Open DC-SSR, Normal Open

Load Voltage Range

24 to 265 Vrms 3 to 30 VDC
Leakage Current 1.5 mArms 0.1 mA
Max Load Current 1.0 Arms 1.0 A
Min. Operate Time 1 ms
Min. Release Time 1/2 cycle + 1ms 1 ms
Dielectric Strength 2500 Vrms
Input Channel 8 4 8 4
Isolation Isolation with Common Source
Isolation Volt age 3750Vrms
Digital Level 0 +1V Max
Digital Level 1 +4V to +30V
Input Impedance 3K Ohms
Power Input +10V to +30VDC
Power Consumption 1.5W 1.6W 1.4W 1.5W





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