PCI/PCI-Express RS232/485 Cards Series
PCI RS232 Cards Series
EX94220 RS232*2 PCI
EX94241 RS232*4 PCI
EX94280 RS232*8 PCI


PCI RS422/485 Cards Series
EX94022D RS422/485*2 PCI (DB9)
EX94022T RS422/485*2 PCI (DB9+TB)
EX94022DIS RS422/485*2 PCI with isolation (DB9)
EX94022TIS RS422/485*2 PCI with isolation (DB9+TB)
EX94024D RS422/485*4 PCI (DB9)
EX94024T RS422/485*4 PCI (DB9+TB)
EX94024DIS RS422/485*4 PCI with isolation (DB9)
EX94024TIS RS422/485*4 PCI with isolation (DB9+TB)
EX94028D RS422/485*8 PCI (DB9)
EX94028T RS422/485*8 PCI (DB9+TB)


PCI-Express RS232 Cards Series
EX94220-E RS232*2 PCI-Express (DB9)
EX94241-E RS232*4 PCI-Express (DB9)
EX94280-E RS232*8 PCI-Express (DB9)


PCI-Express RS422/485 Cards Series
EX94022DIS-E RS422/485*2 PCI-Express with isolation (DB9)
EX94022TIS-E RS422/485*2 PCI-Express with isolation (DB9+TB)
EX94024DIS-E RS422/485*4 PCI-Express with isolation (DB9)
EX94024TIS-E RS422/485*4 PCI-Express with isolation (DB9+TB)
EX94028D-E RS422/485*8 PCI-Express (DB9)
EX94028T-E RS422/485*8 PCI-Express (DB9+TB)